Centre for Implantology and Periodontics

"In my profession as a prevention assistant wearing protective glasses is necessary. The BINOC VISION loupes are comfortably light and fit well around the eyes. Moreover, they instantly gave me a better sitting posture at the chair. When I called about the loupe glasses, I was pleasantly helped. I went to the practice and everything was measured. I received excellent advice on what was best for me. The glasses were soon ready and came in a convenient case."

"I have wanted a loupe for a long time and I am very satisfied with these BINOC VISION loupe. Highly recommended!"

Martine de Waal
Prevention assistant
Centre for Implantology and Periodontics

Leiden University Medical Center

"In my view BINOC VISION is a company that is very pleasant to work with. Their employees feel responsible for their products and respond quickly and accurately. The loupes are of high quality and are also competitively priced."

Dr. M. den Dulk
Leiden University Medical Center, Surgery department

Pedicure Langbroek

"In my profession as a pedicure I need to wear glasses as protection against nails and dust particles. This past month I have tried the BINOC VISION loupe and I can conclude that I will recommend these glasses to every other pedicure. Most pedicures work, like me, with an illuminated bench magnifier. You need to pull this lamp towards you if you need it and to push it away again when you are finished. Moreover, looking through a bench magnifier often feels a little unnatural. The problems that arise with a bench magnifier are completely eliminated by using a loupe. In our profession, we work with small and delicate details. The loupe allows clear and convenient observation, making the work easier and more accurate. In addition, you can look over the loupes, so you can also use these as normal glasses. As an option, the lens power of the surround glasses can be adapted."

"The service of this company is excellent and so is their advice. You notice immediately that they are experts in their field, which is important to customers. Furthermore, their delivery is fast and they are specialized in eye tests. It is important to keep your eyes relaxed especially if you have a job with much delicate work. I recommend these glasses and this company to give you a better view!!!"

Eefje Versteeg
Pedicure Langbroek