Frequently asked questions

I wear glasses. Can this correction be incorporated in the loupe?

Yes, this is possible. We can incorporate the power (dioptre) of your prescription glasses into the surround glasses of the loupe in accordance with your wish. We can also incorporate your dioptre in the loupes. To be able to offer you the best service we invite you to make an appointment with us in our shop ( in Doorn. With your permission, we can, of course, also retrieve the prescription from your optician.

Are there additional costs involved if my prescription is incorporated in the loupe glasses?

Yes, we charge a surcharge for the incorporation of lens power in the loupe, namely € 300 for the incorporation of the power in the surround glasses and € 200 for the incorporation of the power in the loupes. We keep all costs clear and transparent.

How can I be sure that my loupe glasses are good?

Since we want to meet your high expectations, we demand that our loupes fulfil stringent requirements. We believe that our loupe glasses will give you great satisfaction, as they did many of your colleagues. We are even so convinced of that, that you may return the glasses within 14 days if you are in any way dissatisfied with the result.

This does not apply to loupes in which we have incorporated a personal vision correction.

What is a TTL system?

TTL stands for "Through The Lens". It literally means that the Galilei loupes are drilled through the supporting glasses. This shortens the distance between the loupes and the cornea. This results in a wider field of view and a steady image.

What are Galilei loupes?

A Galilei loupe consists of several lenses - (bi)convex and (bi)concave -, which ensure true colours and a clear magnification of the image. Galilei loupes are compact and lightweight.