The loupes

Below is an overview of BINOC VISION loupes. Select a type for more information.

Our approach

In order to fit a loupe we need some data: the working distance, the desired magnification, the pupillary distance and your preference of the frame colour. To keep prices of our loupes as competitive as possible, we follow a number of rules.

1. The magnification of the loupes
Our experience shows that most customers opt for a magnification of 2.5x. This magnification gives a steady image and has a work field of approximately 8 x 8 cm. BINOC VISION loupes therefore have a standard 2.5x magnification.

2. The working distance
The working distance is the distance between your eyes and the work field. This working distance is incorporated in the loupes. This ensures a very clear work field at the right distance. Our experience shows that most dentists choose a working distance of 42 cm, while surgeons prefer the somewhat larger working distance of 55 cm. Our TTL loupes therefore have loupes for a standard working distance of 42 cm or 55 cm.

3. The pupillary distance
The pupillary distance is simply the distance between your pupils. This distance is unique for each person. This is an important parameter for the manufacture of your loupe glasses because we use it to determine the position of the loupes in the surround glasses. Therefore, we need to know your "distant PD". It is a simple measurement which every optician can perform. This service is usually or costs little. You can also call us to make an appointment for you with an optician in your neighbourhood. We work together with a national network of opticians who are more than willing to make this measurement for you.

4. The frame colour of the BINOC ONE loupe glasses
On our website you can find a picture of available frame colours.

5. If you wear glasses and want loupe glasses to include this correction, then we ask you to also send us the prescription of your glasses. You can also make an appointment for an up-to-date eye test in our practice in Doorn. This eye test is free.

6. You now have all the data needed to place an order
As soon as we receive your order we will call you to review the data together with you. We will send you an order confirmation.

7. Delivery and payment
We will manufacture the loupe glasses in accordance with the order confirmation. The delivery time of TTL loupes is 4 - 6 weeks. When the loupe glasses are ready, you will receive an invoice. After receipt of your payment, we will send you the loupe glasses by registered post.