Service & warranty

When you buy a loupe from BINOC VISION, you can count on service and attention. You get personal advice from experts on the right choice of magnification, an accurate eye test and manufacture of your loupe glasses with a perfect finish. In addition, BINOC VISION has, of course, a clear warranty and service system.

Warranty and service terms and conditions

The warranty period is one year. The commencing date is mentioned on your invoice.

Your new loupe/frame and surround glasses are under warranty during this period against any manufacture or assembly fault.

In addition, you will receive service in the event of glass or frame breakage. During a period of two years after the purchase date of your glasses, as indicated on your invoice, you receive the following price reductions in the event that parts have to be replaced: 1st half year: 70%, 2nd half year: 50%, 3rd half year: 30%, 4th half year: 10%.

In case of replacement, identical parts are used wherever possible, i.e. an identical frame and surround glasses of the same power and design.

The warranty and service terms and conditions only apply if surround glasses are supplied with the power that is indicated on your invoice.

In case of replacement, you are entitled to a maximum of the original purchase value. Price increases will be charged. Refund of the purchase price is not possible.

On presentation of your invoice, we will clean and adjust your glasses for free. With the last service during the warranty period, you may also have a free eye test if desired.

The warranty and service provisions apply to all loupes from BINOC VISION. These will become void if you let a third party repair your glasses.

The warranty and service provisions do not apply to claims that are covered by insurance (e.g. travel insurance or third-party insurance).

The applicable terms of delivery and payment apply to your invoice.